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Weekly Face To Face Meeting

March 6, 2013


My notes are not quite as intensive this time because I was back channeling on my twitter account (if you want, you can follow me here.) and also just listening. I am still attempting to grasp the whole idea of wikis and working hard to just get by. I will be on the wiki later […]

Notes from Wednesday; Beginning on Wikis

February 27, 2013


This week we will be switching gears and focusing more on the Wikis. We will be still blogging our progress (hence why I am still blogging). Starting out by introducing a few concepts and readings. Wikis are collaborative; things together to make a larger thing. WikiWord: Two words stuck together to create a topic , […]

Fictional Blogging; Publishing, Dracula, Cosmopolitan, and Manolo Blahnik! Oops, I mean, The Manolo.

February 20, 2013


I’m going to talk about a couple of different topics in Chapter 18 that piqued my interest along with a few that left me wondering. I am not entirely thrilled over the idea of Blogs used as a Publishing Tool. Angela Thomas lists the positive attributes of a blog being used as a publishing tool, […]

Notes from In Class Meeting 2/13/13

February 13, 2013


What are we talking about? We should all just meet in a coffee shop and chat because that is what this is; socializing time. Interesting Things Pseudonymous Blogs Never be an Adjunct Professor; Bad news Bears Dissertation Log; Culture Cat Kairos The Analogies from Ch 12 Early American Pamphleteering–Cato, important Roman senator, defended the Republic […]