A Little About Myself


Summer 2012 with my cousin Hans!

I am a Senior at Bemidji State University studying English and Creative & Professional Writing.

I am also an avid reader, writer, conversationalist and foodie. I currently have impassioned interests in Literary Criticism, especially Archetypal Analysis, recipes from my Taste of Homes cookbook, healthy ways of making coffee milky and sweet, dresses, and boots. My next goals in life (besides making it through tomorrow) are getting into Graduate School and possibly getting more of my work published.

I have not quite decided what I want this blog to be about yet so I may seem a little all over the place in my posts. Maybe the muse of inspiration will strike later in the semester. (I hope.)

My Contact Info!
Follow me on Twitter! leah_lorraine
On BSU Campus? My office; HS #322

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  1. Gotta love a foodie. I’m somewhere on the dividing line between a good cook and a lousy chef.

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