Sunday Reflection

Posted on April 29, 2013


Another week goes by and suddenly we are reaching the end of our project. But I am not even close! I still haven’t made it out of the Midwest. This past week I focused on three schools; Iowa State University, The University of Iowa, and The University of Northern Iowa. Are we sensing a theme yet? There sort of was but it was not really planned.

I learned some pretty interesting things about Iowa universities this week; they formulate their websites differently than Minnesota universities do. It was a little bit more difficult to navigate but no less useful… when I actually found the information I was looking for. I felt that I completed the requirements from the week’s assignments fairly well. I probably should have spaced them out a little better but sometimes things just get crunched and you work with the time you have. The layouts of the websites gave me some trouble. It was all a matter of reading and paging through to find my answers. Iowa State even had a FAQ page for me to reference, along with a specific search engine within the program’s web pages. Another thing that is proving difficult with this project in general is finding outside research on the universities I am looking at. Statistics is usually the outside information I find; not much else.This is a problem I am not entirely sure how to remedy.

The thing that I enjoyed the most about this week was learning about the University of Northern Iowa. I found the program to be a lot like Winona State University’s program because it is just like Winona’s program; underrated and not well known. Doing all three of these blogs helped me to learn about the universities and I also got to apply some of the strategies I have learned in researching the other universities to these posts (i.e. searching the US News website for a schools ranking).

If I had a flying delorean and the ability to travel time, I would go back in time and kick my ass for not posting my blogs earlier in the week. My weeks just have a tendency to get busier and busier as they go on and next thing you know SHIT is it Sunday. Sigh. This doesn’t quite work for me.

I am thinking that I again will do a review of the schools (Click here to see a review of the first five schools) because it helps to ground me and remind me of what makes each of the schools great and not so great. I still have seven schools to research before this project can be considered complete and I haven’t decided; I may even look into other schools to research. I was hoping that maybe towards the end of this project I would have made a decision on which of the schools I want to apply for. I feel that I have done more to eliminate schools than to choose them. I will turn my attentions also towards preparing for the presentation and the digital artifact that is the finale for this class.

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