A Review of The First Five Schools

Posted on April 21, 2013


The Complete List of Schools has fifteen universities that I want to review for the duration of this project. I wanted to take a little time to review the first five schools that I have done. This is just sort of looking back on the schools and adding a little information that I feel is relevant. I was talking with a friend (who is a graduate student in English) and he suggested that I should also talk about the faculty and application fees. This is important because English graduate programs often last 2 to 3 years and prospective students will be working with those professors that whole time. It is important to choose professors that have specialties that the student is interested in. Application Fees are also important to know because applying for graduate school can get expensive. Some programs can ask as much as $125 for a fee. If prospective students are also looking to take the GRE, graduate school can turn into an expensive endeavor. I included a website about the GRE that I found helpful. Click here.

My first school was Bemidji State University and I was not impressed with the information I found on my school. There was no rank, the requirements were vague, and the funding was iffy. The graduation application fee for Bemidji State is $20. One of the helpful things about Bemidji State is because I have gone here for my undergraduate, I know all of the professors because I have had a class with each one of them. I am going to include their information page anyways. Bemidji State also has an interviews page that includes interviews that students have done with faculty members. That’s pretty helpful! Unfortunately these interviews are somewhat dated, being from 2006. There is no interviews with some of the professors.

My next school was the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. This was a school I was definitely impressed with and even a little intimidated. It is a well ranked school with explicit requirements and little funding for it’s M.A. students. Their application fee is $75 and does not shock me really. I have also included their faculty page and I like that they include each professor’s specialty right on the page. They also have links to awards, books, and video interviews with each of the professors. These are all really positive things!

I then did St Cloud State University. SCSU had no rank, adequate requirements, and adequate funding. At least their website was easy to access. Their application fee is $35 dollars. I have also included their faculty link. It’s not as detailed at the U of MN’s page which is disappointing because it is not as easy to get to know the professor’s specialties.

Next on the list: Minnesota State University-Mankato. Mankato did have a ranking, somewhat vague requirements, and promising funding. Their graduate fee is $40 dollars. Their faculty page was pretty similar to SCSU’s page. There was a list of the professors and their degrees, including where they got their degrees from. They then had specific areas of interest categorized in the sidebar. That was interesting. They even separated out the T.A.’s, Adjuncts, and graduate students.

The last school I covered was Winona State University and I was very satisfied with the information I found on their program. They have a good rank, moderate requirements, and a pretty positive outlook for funding. Their application fee was $20 which is nice that it is so low. Each one of the faculty members at Winona State has their own faculty page, talking about them and their accomplishments. This is nice because there is a lot of information presented about the faculty members but also tedious because each faculty member does have a separate page.

The reason I did a review was because I wanted to touch on the information that my friend suggested, along with refreshing the good, bad and ugly about each of the Universities. Moving forward, I will include the faculty and the application fee with each of the schools. I don’t have many more schools in Minnesota (I think maybe one or two more) and tomorrow I will be looking beyond state lines and examining some programs in Iowa, Oregon, and even Louisiana.