Mankato State University

Posted on April 17, 2013


I am sorry about my lack of posting over the weekend but I was sick and spent most of my time in bed. I am just grateful that I didn’t get sick over finals. But over and onward with the project; Mankato State University.

Mankato State is located southwest of the Twin Cities by approximately 75 miles. The school has the third largest student body in the state, sitting at approximately 15,000 students. The town is roughly the same size as St. Cloud and is known throughout the Minnesota for its English Department and programs. I thought that this website had a lot of interesting information about the actual college, but not much on the graduate program. Many of my own professors recommended Mankato as a good graduate school and one even warned me that their graduate programs were highly competitive.

Ranking: According to the MnSCU profile, Mankato is ranked in top quartile of the nation’s four-year colleges and universities by Forbes America’s Best Colleges.

Requirements: Admission requirements for Mankato are not incredibly specific. They ask for 30 credits to be taken in either a language literature or related field, 20 of those credits as an upper division.  There is no mention of GPA for their program. Even when looking at the general requirements for the school, they do not have an ideal GPA stated. However under the English Department’s website, they do state that the GRE is not required for their program. I am going to email the Director of English Graduate Studies to perhaps get some more information about what the program looks for from prospective students.

Funding: Mankato State’s funding is just as positive, if not more than St. Cloud’s. The English Department alone has 30 teaching and research assistantships. (click here) And what are three words that are always good things to read; full tuition remission. That means (for up to 18 credits a semester) the graduate assistants do not need to pay for school! Which is really a great deal! I tried looking for other forms of funding but did not have much luck. The main graduate page on funding links more to graduate assistantships.

I am pretty happy with the information I was given about Mankato State’s graduate program. However I am hoping to find out more information about their requirements. Vague requirements like this make me nervous because they are ambiguous and leave for a lot of wiggle room. I like knowing what a graduate program expects of its applicants because it helps me to figure out if the program could be a good fit. My hopes are that the Director of the English Studies will be able to clarify for me! Mankato State did impress me with the amount of graduate assistantships that they have. Good funding is always something to consider when looking at schools.

Now onto my next school; Winona State University