St Cloud State University

Posted on April 12, 2013


(This post was supposed to go up on Wednesday, I’m not sure why it didn’t publish when I tried to do it then. Technical errors? Anyways, I am sorry to keep you guys waiting for so long.)

So this post is going to be about St Cloud State University but first just a couple things about my previous posts. I heard back from the graduate director at the University of Minnesota. Just a refresher, I had emailed her to inquire after the Prospective Students weekend which they host for students to come visit the school and meet the faculty. Unfortunately she did tell my that the weekend was only for students that had been accepted into the program. Personally I don’t really see how this helps prospective students at all. If you have already applied to the school doesn’t that mean you already have an interest in going? Why not target prospective students that have yet to make up their minds? Anyways, moving forward; St Cloud State University.

St. Cloud State University is located in St. Cloud, Minnesota and is approximately 70 miles north of the Twin Cities. Despite being in a pretty rural area of Minnesota, St Cloud is pretty urban. There is plenty to do, with shopping malls, restaurants, and theaters. The drive to the Twin Cities is not too far for day trips and Duluth is also not terribly far north. According to MNSCU (Minnesota State Colleges and Universities), St Cloud State is the largest university in their system, with a student body larger than 16,500.  This link is a link to MNSCU’s profile of St Cloud’s English Graduate Program. Even though I did not find many articles about St. Cloud State, I did find many links to professors from other schools that graduated from there (including our own Professor Morgan, who received his M.A. in English from SCSU)

Ranking; St Cloud does not have a ranking for their graduate English program.
Requirements: The requirements for the M.A. program can be found here. They were more explicit than Bemidji State but not to the extent of the U of M. Like Bemidji State University, St Cloud does not require the GRE. Another requirement that St Cloud has for its prospective graduate students is a proficient development of a second language. This is becoming more and more common as a requirement for graduate programs.
Funding: Like both Bemidji State and the U of M, St Cloud State offers both loans and graduate assistantships to fund their prospective students. Their website is easier to navigate than both Bemidji State and the U of M when it comes to finding financial information. When given a graduate assistantship, St. Cloud graduate students are also given tuition remission. What tuition remission means is that graduate assistants do not need to pay for their tuition (or at least a part of it). So far, I have found St. Cloud’s funding to be the most promising. They are the most explicit in their information and statistically, 30% of their graduate students receive assistantships in some form.

St Cloud State was not as appealing to me as some schools in the beginning. I had not heard (by word of mouth or otherwise) how great or not great their program was or whether or not I should go there. But after doing some more research on the school, my interest has been piqued. The location of the school is ideal for me and their funding seems more promising than the other schools up to this point. But I still have many schools to research and consider.

The next school on my list: Minnesota State University-Mankato.