Sunday Reflection; Graduate Project Week 2

Posted on April 7, 2013


I definitely feel like I have been more successful this week in blogging than I was last week. I managed to get three posts up, one being a complete list of schools that I wanted to research, one being a research post on Bemidji State University and another being on University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.I did not get as many schools finished as I wanted to, but I still did get three successful posts up. Moving forward I want to try and average four, not including the Weekly Sunday Reflection.

A lot of this week’s work was to set me up for the rest of the project and test out how I wanted to format my research posts on schools. The complete list of schools was a post that helped me to sit down and plan out exactly which schools were on my radar. The two research posts helped to get me started and explore what my focal point for the posts would be. I do want to spend some time giving some background information about the college and then dive into specifically the ranking, requirements, and funding of their program. I think that these are three of the most important factors to consider when looking at a graduate school.

I have enjoyed my project immensely. I like that I have been given the chance to research something that is pertinent to my career choices and actually interests me. I learned a lot about the schools that I am considering and I have an idea of what I want to look for moving forward. Finding information beyond the school has been a little difficult. I have found some statistical sites about the schools and some articles involving the ranking. I tried to work through this by using the information that was presented and exploring the universities websites more thoroughly. I have even reached out to the universities’ faculty to get more information.
I do feel like I am better prepared for this next week because I have actually set a calendar for myself on which schools to research on which days. I have struggled with finding time up until this point and I am hoping that scheduling myself specific dates and times will help me moving forward.
Tuesday: St Cloud State University
Wednesday: Minnesota State University-Mankato
Friday: Winona State University
Saturday: Iowa State University
Sunday: Weekly Reflection
I am really excited to keep going with this project. I actually cannot wait until this coming week.