Weekly Face To Face Meeting

Posted on March 6, 2013


My notes are not quite as intensive this time because I was back channeling on my twitter account (if you want, you can follow me here.) and also just listening. I am still attempting to grasp the whole idea of wikis and working hard to just get by. I will be on the wiki later for posting. I want to work more with The Loss of the Commons page I think. Maybe some more on Brecht’s Essay on Radio. I will let that ruminate and revisit the wiki later.

The neutral POV is more that no one will disagree with you; watering things down to the obvious.
Wiki prompts change of direction
Bring it back together to construct something of it (refactoring)
William Blake; poems and images, illustration versus illumination, for wiki; if you are going to add images, add something that will illuminate.
More inclusive than just a video summary; other sources to elaborate on the Loss of The Commons page
Postings; you will get points for posting.
Check grades