Notes from Wednesday; Beginning on Wikis

Posted on February 27, 2013


This week we will be switching gears and focusing more on the Wikis. We will be still blogging our progress (hence why I am still blogging).
Starting out by introducing a few concepts and readings.
Wikis are collaborative; things together to make a larger thing.
WikiWord: Two words stuck together to create a topic , Creating links and pages, (i.e. Wiki + Word = WikiWord)
Wikipedia doesn’t use that but the one that Morgan uses does and he likes that.
What is powerful: more than one person can edit, create, and change topics.
==== Changes Title ====
Threadmode: The Conversation Area
Some wikis can get more messy as they gain content.
Refactoring: Forms of Editing wikis
i.e. Eric Clapton: People arguing over sentences, summarizing things instead of opinions
We are going to read about the Wiki
“Nobody whines on a wiki.”; if you don’t like something, then change it.
2 paper reading and one online.
TheTeaRoom: A place to ask questions on the wiki
Follow the Wiki Pages
Go to any of the five links and add to them.
Contribute and make them better.
Wednesday – Friday: Read and Understand
Thursday – Sunday: Make contributions, wait and return.
Sunday: Reflection