Aggregate and Annotate: Four Blogs of The Past Week

Posted on February 27, 2013


For next class period on Wednesday, we were asked to aggregate and comment on four of the best blogs of the week. That is exactly what I am doing with this post.

Jack’s Tiki Toki Future: I found Jack’s Tiki Toki not interesting just because of some of the slides that he put on the timeline (i.e the one about Google and other search engines starting to care more about quality) but because he actually took the initiative and tried Tiki Toki, which not many other people did in the class. And if anyone checked out his presentation, Tiki Toki is pretty cool!

– Dennis’ Lord Taemyrlane: I found Dennis’ blog interesting because of his take on fanfiction and the correlation to video games. It was an interesting point to make and I also happen to love his content, Game of Thrones. So that never hurts!

– Matt’s Insight into Marketing: I find a lot of what Matt chooses to blog about insightful. I know practically nothing about marketing so it was interesting to learn a little about how advertising on the web worked!

– Jordan (Malmsy’s) Blog on Blogging and The Future:  I chose Jordan’s blog first because of his complete summary of the chapter. But I also chose his blog for his variety. He took a lot of different perspectives on what various people in the blogging community thought would happen in the future, ranging from dropping out completely to moving to a more mobile movement through smartphones and mobile devices such as kindle, tablets, etc.