Week 6; Reflections Time

Posted on February 25, 2013


Dinner: Almost Homemade Healthy Chicken Noodle Soup. First Time and it’s pretty dang good!

Well geez, it’s that time again? I have no idea where my week went. Well let’s reflect on how this last week has gone. I did the assigned chapters, wrote this response, and advertised it on my twitter account. (which you can find here.) I also read and commented on many other’s blog posts (i.e. Matt’s Blog about Photoblogs, Joe’s Blog on Beaversocks, Davan’s Blog on Pseudonymous Blogging, Matt’s Blogging on Ageism, Jack’s Occupational Blogging,) I am also working on a blog dealing with what is next for blogs which I will link to here once it is finished. (later tonight!) What does it all mean? It means to me that I am attempting be a participating member of this class, even when I am not constantly generating.

• How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?
I will admit that I probably could have done better. I could have posted the notes up when I took them on Wednesday and finished my blog posts sooner.
• What gave you trouble? How did you work your way through that? What did you enjoy most? What did you learn? What else did you learn?
What has been really frustrating for me throughout this whole class is this feeling of inadequacy, no matter how much time and effort I actually put in. What has also been frustrating for me is the lack of response for either the posts that I do put up and advertise or the blogs that I choose to comment on. All of the blogs that I have commented on I have received no responses.
However on a more positive note, I am learning from this class. I am learning more about blogging and topics related to blogging (some that I would have never even known were important.) I am learning how to successfully google. Is that a skill? I feel like it should be. I also feel like this class is teaching me the hard lesson of time management. This is something college students all have to learn at some points. For some of us it is significantly harder because we have more to juggle. And that may sound biased but it’s true; a college student who is full time and working two jobs just to pay rent is definitely having more to juggle than a college student who does not need to work and has their housing already paid for. But I digress.
• What would you do differently? What questions do you have?
I guess I would like to know if my project idea moving forward with this class is a good idea. That can be found here. If not I would like some direction on what Professor Morgan would want that to be.
• How does your work connect with the topics and issues we’ve looked at already? With the topics and issues of the course as a whole? Where does your work this week fit into the whole?
Well I am pretty ignorant to blogging and its various topics and issues so this has all been a learning experience for me. I try to follow closely to the lesson plans so I can get as much as I can out of them. I think I am starting to learn how to swim instead of how to drown.