Notes from In Class Meeting 2/13/13

Posted on February 13, 2013


What are we talking about? We should all just meet in a coffee shop and chat because that is what this is; socializing time.

Interesting Things

Pseudonymous Blogs
Never be an Adjunct Professor; Bad news Bears
Dissertation Log; Culture Cat
The Analogies from Ch 12
Early American Pamphleteering–Cato, important Roman senator, defended the Republic (Pseudonymous Blogging!)
Commonplace Books (19th Century With Woman)
How we write is influencing how he grades us.
“Myspace is coming back from the dead.” Eric Christensen and Jordon Malm
“What do you think I’m five? I can look for things I don’t like.”
The Press always leans in some political direction (Fox News Much?)
Shakespeare and Milton. Definite Political Lean. They would be dull if they were neutral.
Digital Natives; Used for Marketing, They want to sell products
Another issue; distribution versus collective versus centralized. New Yorker versus Blogs (more expansive). Everybody has their own space and we need to link between them.
Which is more important; The New Yorker itself of the People in the New Yorker? “The new Yorker because I don’t pick up the New Yorker to read a particular writer, I read the New Yorker to read the New Yorker.”
Blogging levels the power.
BSU –> MNSCU Concept of centralizing. What is more important? The individualized universities or the central way itself.
“Blogging is for Boys, Diaries are for Girls.” Well… I’ve encountered more female bloggers than male? Maybe that’s because I spend too much time on Pinterest, Food Gawker, and Tumblr
Gender Identity and Politics. As youths grow up, they are exploring themselves more online, creating their own identities online. People are using blogs for gender politics. This seems very common.
Bring New Stuff to the Web.
Go talk to Phoenix, find out if they blog. Ugh do we really have to talk about politics? I like the idea of bringing people onto the web though. Group Project, BOO. Leah does not play well with others.
What should we do next week? Um… Meeting at a coffee shop. I don’t take in enough espresso for this.
Richard III bones.

I think I understand what he wants from this class. It is the same thing that Prof. Christensen wants in our creative nonfiction class; constant generation. The problem is that I haven’t figured out what I want to be generating. I will keep thinking. Keep attempting to generate.