Notes on #en3177 and 10 Reasons Why

Posted on February 6, 2013


I’ve decided that I need to start writing things down instead of using my twitter stream or my blog to take notes. I am more engaged with pen and paper than with a computer screen and keyboard.

Just some Key Notes

  • Look into MOOC’s and PLE’s
  • Developing a routine for this class is vital
  • Balance between creative and logic writing to create a merging genre
  • Students should consider keeping a weblog and a wiki throughout their degree
  • What about Hybrid Courses?
  • If you do decide to keep a weblog, how true is the digital identity that you present and how close is it really to your college experience?
  • Forced Thoughts and Conversations; Negative. You’re just bullshitting with other students
  • Respond to things that will sound interesting; Post things that will sound interesting
  • “You cannot force me to talk and you cannot force me to care.”
  • Poll about BSU online
  • Digital Artifact; Large General Term (See Eric’s Blog)
  • Social Knowledge Productions

There will be another post up later talking about the chapters in Bruns and Jacobs, along with a list of reasons why blogging is both good and bad for learning.