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Notes from Wednesday; Beginning on Wikis

February 27, 2013


This week we will be switching gears and focusing more on the Wikis. We will be still blogging our progress (hence why I am still blogging). Starting out by introducing a few concepts and readings. Wikis are collaborative; things together to make a larger thing. WikiWord: Two words stuck together to create a topic , […]

Aggregate and Annotate: Four Blogs of The Past Week

February 27, 2013


For next class period on Wednesday, we were asked to aggregate and comment on four of the best blogs of the week. That is exactly what I am doing with this post. – Jack’s Tiki Toki Future: I found Jack’s Tiki Toki not interesting just because of some of the slides that he put on […]

Week 6; Reflections Time

February 25, 2013


Well geez, it’s that time again? I have no idea where my week went. Well let’s reflect on how this last week has gone. I did the assigned chapters, wrote this response, and advertised it on my twitter account. (which you can find here.) I also read and commented on many other’s blog posts (i.e. […]

Fictional Blogging; Publishing, Dracula, Cosmopolitan, and Manolo Blahnik! Oops, I mean, The Manolo.

February 20, 2013


I’m going to talk about a couple of different topics in Chapter 18 that piqued my interest along with a few that left me wondering. I am not entirely thrilled over the idea of Blogs used as a Publishing Tool. Angela Thomas lists the positive attributes of a blog being used as a publishing tool, […]

Review on Week 5

February 18, 2013


Well Week Five has flown by and I am actually very pleased with this week because I feel like I have finally figured out what Professor Morgan wants from us out of this class; constant generation. But not just constant generation, but proof that we are actually becoming engaged with the content and putting in […]

Pseudonymous Blogging; Beginning Research

February 15, 2013


I was just beginning to do some research into Pseudonymous Blogging, which always begins with a Google search for me (at least on the web). I just wanted to see what sort of things would pop out of my search engine.  was getting a lot of things from 2011 and I wanted to find something […]

Now I am a published writer?

February 13, 2013


I just recently was published on the BSU website Cre8. The poem is featured right now on their website and I am so happy to be  given that honor. If anyone wants to read it, I have included the link to it in this blog, once in the words and once down below. I know […]