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Weekly Reflections and RSS Feed

January 28, 2013


Well this week has been a bit of a doozie for me. I had a root canal on Friday and immediately after had to make an emergency trip to Iowa with my boyfriend so I’ve been off and on by internet and able to work! But I have been trying hard to get my posts […]

John Cage, CC, and Intellectual Property

January 25, 2013


I have decided I want to cover my RSS feed and Google Reader blog on Saturday. I will be getting a root canal tomorrow and expect to be incapacitated for at least half of the day tomorrow. So I am sorry to my classmates for comments that are either too early or a little late! […]

Class Notes; Looking forward

January 23, 2013


Four Blogs to Come! Blog One; RSS FEED and Google Reader Blog Two; Copywright and IP (Intellectual Property) Blog Three; John Cage (possibly Blog One) Blog Four: Reflection on Sunday I am a little thrown by all of the things that I am being taught right now. I want to make sure I have my […]

Can Creative Writing be taught?

January 16, 2013


This semester I am taking a graduate level class called Problems with Literary Criticism. Last semester I had taken Professor Rose Weaver’s course on Literary Criticism and Theory which I had enjoyed so much that I asked to be allowed into the graduate course. I have only met with this class once but I am […]